Leadership Profiles

Hon. Rhondalee Moreen Braithwaite-Knowles OBE
Hon. Rhondalee Moreen Braithwaite-Knowles OBEAttorney General
Khalila Astwood-Tatem
Khalila Astwood-TatemDeputy Attorney General
Desiree Downes
Desiree DownesPrincipal Legislative Drafter
Clemar Hippolyte
Clemar HippolytePrincipal Crown Counsel - Civil Division
Yaa McCartney
Yaa McCartneyPrincipal Crown Counsel - Commercial Division
VacantPrincipal Crown Counsel - International Division

Tatum Clerveaux
Tatum ClerveauxCommissioner of Lands
Gogontle Gatang
Gogontle GatangSenior Legislative Drafter - Legislative Drafting
Priscilla Paquette
Priscilla PaquetteSenior Legislative Drafter - Legislative Drafting
Elizabeth Charlton
Elizabeth CharltonSenior Crown Counsel - Civil
Motheba Linton
Motheba LintonSenior Crown Counsel - Commercial
Vanica Sobers-Joseph
Vanica Sobers-JosephSenior Crown Counsel - Commercial
Shayone Handfield Gardiner
Shayone Handfield GardinerSenior Crown Counsel - International
VacantCrown Land Unit Director

VacantLand Registry Registrar of Lands

Cyprian Smith
Cyprian Smith Survey and Mapping Director
VacantChief Valuation Officer

Dominique Gardiner
Dominique GardinerCrown Counsel - Civil
VacantCrown Counsel - Commercial

VacantCrown Land Unit Deputy Director - Grand Turk

Sharon Brown
Sharon BrownCrown Land Unit Deputy Director - Providenciales
Toni-ann Foster
Toni-ann FosterLand Registry Deputy Registrar
James Fritz
James Fritz Survey and Mapping Deputy Director
Patricia Beckford
Patricia BeckfordDeputy Chief Valuation Officer - Grand Turk
Michele Gray
Michele GrayDeputy Chief Valuation Officer - Providenciales