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About Us

Mission Statement:

To implement Maritime Laws and regulations for safety of life at see as it relates to the Merchant Shipping Act MSA 2014 Code of safety for Small Commercial Vessels SCV 2014 the recommendations of SOLAC Conventions and Red Ensign group code for compliance of the III Code.

What We Do:

The Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources Management is mandated to carryout the following:

  1. The governance and maintenance of Fisheries, Maritime Affairs and Shipping within the TCI maritime area of jurisdiction;
  2. The supervision of the TCI British Shipping Registry;
  3. The supervision of the Hamilton Database of Vessels;
  4. The registration and re-registration of Flag State Vessels;
  5. The inspection of the safety protocols imposed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) of Port State Vessels;
  6. The investigation of accidents and incidents at Sea in and around navigable waters of the TCI;
  7. The supervision of training of the maritime community to STCW standards;
  8. Supervision of the maritime communications standards to be used in the TCI maritime area of jurisdiction;
  9. Supervision of the Marine Traffic Control services in the TCI maritime area of jurisdiction;
  10. Supervision of the appropriate execution of the International Maritime Conventions;
  11. To work along with the department of communication to protect the maritime radio frequency range for the coastal and territorial waters of the TCI;
  12. The management of Admiralty Maritime Charts through improving, updating and advising to seafarers;
  13. Preparing and distributing safety maritime messages to mariners operating off the coast and within the territorial waters of the TCI; and
  14. Combating all forms of pollutions in the TCI maritime area of jurisdiction.