The Special Needs Unit received a visit from Hon. Edwin Astwood, the Minister of Health, Agriculture and Human Services as he toured the SNAP Center to view the programs and interacting with students and teachers alike. 

Hon. Astwood stated; It was a very enlightening experience for me to visit the SNAP Center.  I was very impressed by the quality of services being offered by the Staff to the children that require this service.  The level of student teacher participation and interaction is truly producing the desired results, whilst the students eagerly demonstrated their education skills to my team from the Ministry of Health.“

SNAP Center (Special Needs Association of Providenciales) located in Kew Town, Providenciales provides intellectual and life skills opportunities for children and young persons with disabilities between the ages 4-24 years. 

SNAP caters to a range of disabilities including, but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Speech/Language Disorder and Learning Disorders.

The Center is staffed by trained professionals namely; 2 -Special Ed Teacher, 1-Teacher, 1-Assistant Teacher and 1 – Maid with the oversight by the Program Officer. The Center’s goal is self-determination for each child where possible allowing them to grow to their full potential.  Individual Education Plans are designed for each student with the involvement of the parents, teachers, and a member of the Special Needs Unit management team along with the student where possible.

Hon. Astwood added; “This is indeed one area which truly needs to be expanded in order to assist many more children and their parents.  In addition, I am of the opinion that some of the teaching methods incorporated at the center should be duplicated in our mainstream school programs.”

The recent approval of the Special Needs Education Policy will ensure that, no child will be left behind regardless of their disability with focus on their ability.

According to Ms. Been Director of Special Needs Unit the Unit appreciates the commitment of our corporate partners such as Seven Stars Community Foundation who has adopted the Center. Let us remember that, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

Representatives from Infrastructure, Housing & Planning take Official Visit to Islands

The Minster with responsibility for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning, Hon. Goldray Ewing, along with several members of his team from within his Ministry, recently conducted a familiarization and fact finding mission on the Islands of South, North and Middle Caicos, and Providenciales, to get a first-hand view of government properties and projects in an effort to prioritize, repair and improve, where necessary.

During the visits, the team viewed and examined:

  • Several of the schools throughout the Islands mentioned
  • All government clinics
  • Roads on Providenciales, South and North Caicos
  • Explore several options to relieve the morning congestion at the downtown roundabout Providenciales
  • Kew Town Ball Park project
  • The Reverse Osmosis Plant and storage tanks / South Caicos
  • The Boiling Hole project / South Caicos
  • The Causeway Project  / North & Middle Caicos
  • The Wellness Center Project / South Caicos
  • The Long Bay High School Project
  • Regatta Village works
  • Government Treasury and Customs House-South Caicos
  • Kew Community Center
  • Sporting Facility and Green Fitness Parks projects

Hon. Ewing, during the various meetings with various persons, listened attentively to their concerns, while at the same granted assurances that his Ministry and his government will look into the various issues raised, with the view to having them all addressed on a prioritized basis and as funding become available.

He also thanked each person in advance for their patience and understanding, as we all work to better their situation and by extension, that of these Turks and Caicos Islands. 


Ms. Toni Ann Foster has been appointed as the new Deputy Registrar of Lands in the Land Registry by the Deputy Governor effective the February 23rd, 2017.  Ms. Foster succeeds former Deputy Registrar Ms. Tresha Ustanny following an open competition for the post.                                                                                   

Ms. Foster is an Attorney at Law of the Jamaican Bar for upwards of eight (8) years. She is a graduate of the Norman Manly Law School. While there she was the recipient of the Andrea Gabrielle Lloyd Memorial Prize for student involvement.                                                                                                          

Ms. Foster holds a Bachelors of Law Degree with Honours from the University of the West Indies. Ms. Foster has also received training from the Management Institute for National Development, Jamaica in Supervisory Management. She has experience in land registration and conveyancing having worked at Audrey Allen & Co, Attorneys at law as an Associate. She gained considerable experience at the National Land Agency Jamaica as a Legal Officer where she was involved in the review and approval of various types of Land Registry applications and instrumental in the conduct of conveyancing workshops and roadshows.           

Ms. Brandie Anderson, the Registrar of Lands said she is excited about the appointment of Ms Foster and looks forward to working closely with her to achieving the Land Registry’s mandate. She stated; “Ms Foster’s appointment will increase the technical capability of the Land Registry and contribute to its continued positive development.”

Ms. Foster’s primary role at the Land Registry is to assist the Registrar of Lands to:

  • Increase the level of accuracy in registering interest in the land and thereby create a higher level of confidence and reliance on the registration performance by the Land Registry.
  • Increase the efficiency of the department so that the Registry’s service standards are consistently met and exceeded.
  • Enhance the Land Registry’s ability to manage and secure records, many of which are available to the public
  • Increase the revenue to government among other things.