Training and Development Unit Human Resources Management Directorate

The Training and Development Unit was set up to facilitate learning experiences through tailored, cutting-edge programs. Learning is facilitated by business educators who are passionate about developing others and who use methods that appeal to diverse needs. The Training and Development Unit continuously tunes in to the external environment and introduces learning that matches organisational and individual competencies with change and customer demands.

A Competency Framework has been developed to assist officers to understand the key skills that apply to their work in TCI Public Service,. This not only guides training and development but is used in the Performance Appraisal System.

The Training Philosophy

TCIG's philosophy is to enable learning programs that build competencies for enhanced job performance and career success. Effective learning experiences must match participants’ needs and be enjoyable yet challenging. TCIG believes that learning is a way of life and it secures our future in an ever-changing environment and is therefore, on-going. Through its programming Human Resources Management Directorate promotes the culture that everyone must learn and re-learn to remain relevant in the 21st Century.

Programmes are customised through diverse learning methodologies that are reflective of adult learning principles, include properly designed materials; and are led by experts who are passionate about learning and developing others. The HRMD offers classroom experiences and self-directed learning opportunities to support the needs of busy officers.

The goal is to ensure that TCIG staff are knowledge and competencies are developed and transferred into the workplace. The programmes are designed to balance key learning principles with practical activities and designed to ensure the application of higher learning levels to the work environment after participants have been exposed to the practical learning sessions.

Training Program Schedule

Monthly training schedules are published.

Training Program Brochures

  • Business Writing
  • Introduction to Public Service Ordinance
  • Workplace Discipline

Training Course Nominations

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