Turks and CaicosPublicService

Dedication to the People and the Nation

Turks and Caicos Public Service Core Values

High Quality Service
Providing sound advice to Ministers in the development of policies; managing resources to ensure the provision of excellent customer service to the public.
Acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving governments of different political parties equally well regardless of personal political beliefs.
Conducting oneself by portraying high standards, good character and exhibiting high ethical behaviour in the performance of duties.
Being truthful, open and incorrupt and using resources only for the authorised public purposes for which they are provided.
Able to make sound judgment based on the accepted principles of what is right from wrong.
Putting the obligations of public service above personal interests.
Easily able to stand up against scrutiny and prevail.
Being responsible for one’s actions.

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Turks and Caicos Public Service Mission and Vision


The Public Service exists to serve the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It does this by providing efficient services to the public on behalf of the Government and by providing impartial and accurate advice to Government for the formulation of policies. The Public Service is responsive to Government in implementing the Government's policies and programmes, and will maintain the highest ethical standards.


A well structured, properly resourced and professional service that is respected and balances both traditional and modern practices, with a culture of impartiality and integrity.

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