Due to the recent and continuous rainfall throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands the Environmental Health Department and Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services hereby advise residents, home owners, apartment owners and businesses to have all debris removed from their premises and disposed at the public landfill/solid waste disposal sites on your respective island. With the removal of the debris from your premises it will reduce mosquito breeding and prevention of mosquito borne and other vector borne diseases such as Zika virus, Chikungunya and Dengue fever.

As Environmental Health Department - Vector Control Unit continues to monitor and treat mosquito breeding sites, home owners, apartment owners and business owners are advised to treat standing water on your premises by using cooking oil or any other environmental friendly oils to prevent mosquito breeding.

In addition to taking such preventative measures, all residents are encouraged to continue to discourage the growth and reproduction of mosquitoes by taking the following precautions:

  • Check around buildings for anything that could hold water;
  • Inspect your home and yard weekly;
  • Turn containers over or cover them;
  • Get rid of or cover old tires;
  • Properly dispose of all garbage/refuse;
  • Cover boats, children’s pools, etc;
  • Clean rain gutters and make sure they are flowing properly;
  • Check screens for holes;
  • Tightly cover water drums and rain barrels;

For further information please contact the Environmental Health Department on your respective island.


Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services welcomes a Medical Team from the Ministry of Health of the Bahamas


The Ministry of Health of the Bahamas graciously offered medical support to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Office for the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands which is based in Nassau, Bahamas facilitated the visits to the TCI.

By the beginning of this week, all three (3) Medical Officers had arrived in country and reported to their assigned locations. During their time in TCI, the physicians will provide primary care services in Government run clinics on the islands of Providenciales and South Caicos. These Medical Officers have been assigned to serve for approximately one (1) month and to provide support for the Primary Health Departments Medical Officers between October 29th, 2017-November 20th, 2017.

Dr Kima Scott-Hall, Dr Madeleine Joseph-Petit and Dr Tiara Dorsett-Johnson all kindly gave of their time in order to support the Primary Health Care clinics in the aftermath of both hurricanes.

The Ministry is truly grateful for the dedicated service offered by the physicians of the Ministry of Health of the Bahamas and for the continued support and partnership provided by the PAHO Bahamas & TCI Office in facilitating this initiative.

The Ministry of Health, Agriculture, and Human Services hopes that each Medical Officer has a rewarding stay in the TCI.



Delivered November 16, 2017




Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your Special Day and event.  I never knew there was a GIS Day and I ought to have known there should have been considering the important role that those who use GIS.




Over the years, I have been exposed more and more to the uses of GIS and as a former member of the Electoral Boundaries Commission we had asked for these systems to be employed in 2006. We have traditionally restricted and even in those cases not fully utilized GIS in our national planning. A conversation a few months ago opened my eyes to its uses for crime fighting.


CDEMA’s recent report following the Storms calls for the use of GIS in assisting with mapping which will make future damage assessments easier.

All good uses and welcomed by me.


But as I prepared for today, I noticed that the…

Major areas of GIS application can be grouped into five categories as follows.

Facilities Management

Large scale and precise maps and network analysis are used mainly for utility management. AM/FM is frequently used in this area.

Environment and Natural Resources Management

Medium or small scale maps and overlay techniques in combination with aerial photographs and satellite images are used for management of natural resources and environmental impact analysis.

Street Network

Large or medium scale maps and spatial analysis are used for vehicle routing, locating house and streets etc.

Planning and Engineering

Large or medium scale maps and engineering models are used mainly in civil engineering.

Land Information System

Large scale cadastral maps or land parcel maps and spatial analysis are used for cadastral administration, taxation etc.

As I reflect on the many uses, I recognize how far behind we are, how useful this tool is and what great advances we can make if we were to just make the best use of tools that are at our fingertips.




I am a firm believer that we need data and should never shoot in the dark for planning at any level. When I think of the errors that we have made because of a lack of data, the incorrect allocation of resources, the insufficiency of resources, I think the time has come to do better.


Immediately in my mind, I see the value of GIS use in each of the major areas identified and if I had a wish list I would wish that as you discuss today amongst yourselves, that you look further and harder at collaborative efforts: resource sharing and how we can make best use of these systems for the development of the TCI. In a few short weeks we will present a Vision Document and thereafter a Medium Term Development Strategy which will seek for the first time in recent years to have a structured national plan outside of political manifestos alone but one that will marry all national priorities in a single document with resources channeled in a transparent way. Additionally as we look to begin work on the National Physical Development Plan, to support recent greater enforcement efforts for law enforcement bodies like immigration and planning and there is the hope that the Police in crime fighting and CLU will see the benefits of its use in its monitoring and containment of informal settlements. As these Departments are respectively under the Governor and the AG’s Chambers and not under Ministries, I see the need for a full Presentation on the uses of GIS as a must. I do not see how we will progress any of these plans without greater use of geographical information systems. I believe this to be urgent and I will commit following this Conference to assist in having this Presentation done so that we can plan resources in this financial year.




Those of you present here today play a vital role in nation building and I know that many of you who truly appreciate the value of your field can easily be discouraged. I welcome this time here with you and to hear a bit of what can be done using GIS and how as Premier and Minister of Finance we can work better together to as your theme say but with a local twist “Discovering the Turks and Caicos Islands through GIS”.




There is much to do and I remain committed to working with each of you and collectively on the way forward and to the attainment of major goals by next GIS Day. Let us challenge ourselves today to begin to set goals and use these days in future to look back and hopefully celebrate while creating awareness and setting future goals with no doubt changing technology.


I look forward to spending time with you today and to being further enlightened (and I assume confused at times as well). Happy Belated GIS Day and I wish for you a productive time together and a progressive year and years ahead.


Again thank you for the Invitation and I welcome any other occasion you will individually or collectively wish to meet with me.