Premier Robinson Welcomes Mount Bay

"I have now been informed that the requested UK Ship is in our waters. We are pleased that the British Government has responded positively to a request from TCI's Government to provide immediate assistance in maritime coverage. We note the several releases over the past few days of the Governor's Office and wish to remind of our other requests: manpower and a sustainable approach and way forward.  We will as promised identify ways to receive ideas from our people in a secured fashion and will continue the successful efforts of Operation Guardian.

TCI with its wide coastline requires much resources and this bolstering of patrol at this time is much needed together with regional and other international support.  We continue active discussions with the Bahamas on how its Defense Force can assist.  We are also pleased to welcome the aerial support also now in country.  These brazen attacks are in my view an attack on the UK's Sovereignty and  it must do more in a sustainable way to fulfill its constitutional mandate for external and internal security. We encourage residents to not harbour or employ any undocumented individual.

We will strictly enforce the laws and will deal with any and all culprits to its fullest extent.  Whilst we bolster patrol, upgrade our Radar, carry out special operations, we ask residents to remain vigilant and to report all suspicious activities and individuals.”


World Social Work Day

The month of March is observed as Social Work month and the 20th March is set aside as World Social Work Day. 


The theme "Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability" is running its second and final year as part of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. This gives us an opportunity to showcase and spotlight our profession. 


The 20th March is a day that social workers worldwide will celebrate the achievements of the profession and take the theme message into their communities, workplaces and government to raise awareness of the social work contribution and the need for further action. 


The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Secretary General Rory Truell said; "Each year World Social Work Day expands. We see people that use social services and community members side by side with social workers highlighting important issues of Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. The Global Agenda has bound social workers together globally as advocates of social justice and transformation that enhance social, human and Environmental rights."


Social workers are the fabric that keeps a society connected. We are resourceful, helpful, dependable, well organized, compassionate and considerate people.  We empathize with people's situations. We are solution focus and work from a strengths based perspective. We meet the client where they are. We are active listeners and are good with reframing and redirecting. 


Social workers can be found in hospitals. Schools and universities, community based agencies, government departments working with diverse people of all populations from babies to elderly. We are faced with and address a wide range of social ills including poverty, teenage pregnancy, juvenile justice, child abuse and protection, foster care, parole, probation etc. 


Many say that Social Workers are called.  They are chosen from a special bunch.  Their gratification and compensation is in seeing the daily challenges in the community being conquered and this is many times even more satisfying than any financial benefit or recognition.


Today we pay special attention to Social Workers around the world and here locally on the TCI. 


Stand up for justice; 

Stand up for unity;

Stand up against your biggest fear. 


The world will always have social issues and therefore our profession is irreplaceable and necessary. Cheers to all Socials Worker. Together we stand. Together we will achieve. 





Officers of the Revenue Department will be visiting the Communities of North Caicos during March 26th through the 30th and April 9th through the 13th 2018.  An Officer will likewise be stationed in South Caicos March 19th through the 22nd 2018.  The visiting Officers will maintain the standard hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm daily.


During their visit, the Officers will be based primarily at the District Commissioner’s Offices in the respective islands and will be facilitating Business Licence Renewals along with other Revenue Department activities, strengthening service delivery of the District Commissioner’s Office and engaging tax registrants in efforts to improve voluntary compliance.


In the upcoming months the Taxpayer Services Section of the Revenue Department will be visiting the islands of Salt Cay, North, Middle and South Caicos. For the upcoming dates and times of these visits, please visit the Revenue Department webpage.


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