Immigration (Amendment) Regulations 2017

The public is hereby notified that effective 4th June 2018 in accordance with the Immigration (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Legal Notice 6 of 2017) the following changes to schedule 7

(i)                  To increase fees for all Identification Cards from $100.00 and apply the $50.00 fee only to Endorsee Identification Cards.

(ii)                Included s $50.00 fee for replacement of lost, stolen and damaged Identification Cards (all categories)

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The Ministry of Border Control and Employment is reminding employers, as well as the general public, that the Immigration Ordinance 2015 which was brought into force on April 1, 2016 established new conditions for advertising jobs which must be met when recruiting new staff or seeking a work permit renewal.

For clarity, Section 28(2) of the Immigration Ordinance states the following:

                The advertisement condition is satisfied if the employer has advertised the position in at least two consecutive issues of a newspaper published in and sold or distributed on the islands and the advertisement –

(a)   describes the nature of the position available in sufficient detail to enable persons reading the advertisement to have a reasonable indication of the nature of the work and conditions of employment;

(b)   contains the name of the employer and details of the whereabouts of the office or other places to which the application is to be submitted together with contact details, including telephone and fax numbers and an email address;

(c)    sets out clearly the salary package relating to the position;

(d)   invites prospective applicants who are islanders to send copies of their applications to the Board; and

(e)    state whether the position is currently held by a work permit holder.

All employment and recruitment agencies when placing ads need to identify in the ads who the potential employer will be.

N.B. Failure to meet these requirements will result in applications not being accepted by the Customer Service Center.

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One of key targets of the “No Child Left Behind” Policy Initiative launched in April of 2018, was the establishment of School Based Assessment Teams (SBAT) and to equip the members with the training and assessment tools necessary to meet the needs of Students with disabilities throughout the Turks & Caicos Islands.

According to Section 9.2 of TCI Special Education Policy:  

9.2 The School-Based Assessment Team (SBAT)

▪ The school –based assessment team is an on-going team of school-based personnel which formally operate as a problem-solving unit. It is to assist classroom teachers with the development and implementation of instructional and/or management strategies and coordinates support resources for students with special needs within the school. On a case-by-case basis as needed to plan for individual students, the team should also include the student's referring teacher, and involve the parent, the student, and, as appropriate, representatives from community services, or from other ministries. Each Zone will have at least one established School-based Assessment Team in place.

Additionally, through the establishment of the Special Education Assessment & Intervention Team (SEAIT) National Steering Committee; the SBAT will receive supervision, resources, and training to be equipped to address the Special Needs students within their respective zones.   To this end, on the 17-18 of May 2018, a two-day workshop was organized by Mr. Jasmin S. Walkin - Education Officer for Special Needs; which allowed Education Officers, Principals, Special Education Teachers and Guidance Counsellors to be trained in various assessment and intervention protocols.

The workshop was facilitated by the multi-departmental SEAIT National Steering Committee led by the Chairperson Ms. Tiffany Ivey (LBHS, Special Education Teacher) and her team.  Training sessions were facilitated by Dr. Anya Malcolm-Gibbs (Clinical Psychologist), Ms. Sriya Smalling (Educational Psychologist), and Mrs. Sheryl Patterson (Special Education Teacher, SNAP Centre).

Mr.  Walkin was very pleased with the outcome of the workshop as the resources shared and the discussions of the assessment and screening kits have better positioned the members of the School Based Assessment Teams to provide the support to schools in meeting the educational needs of students with disabilities. 

Mr. Walkin further stated; “I am proud of the work of the SEAIT Steering Committee and the services of which each member has volunteered to give in assisting Special Needs Students in the TCI. Additionally, the workshop was a reminder of the critical role our principals, teachers, and guidance counsellors play in the lives of our students.  It is this type of commitment that will continue to drive the change driven by data in this New Era in Special Education in TCI”. 

The next items on the agenda for the No Child Left Behind Special Education Policy Initiative is the continued public relations campaign and the upcoming National Symposium for Individuals with Special Needs scheduled for September 2018.  This is the time to get informed and involved For more information on this initiative, please contact Mr. Jasmin Walkin via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone number 649-338-3813.