Caribbean Wellness Day Celebration, September 2020



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Caribbean Wellness Day Celebration, September 2020


The Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services observes Caribbean Wellness nationwide during the week of the 14th September 2020.


Caribbean Wellness Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in September throughout the Caribbean Region. This year it will be celebrated on the 12th of September. The aim is to increase awareness and promote activities to address the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which continues to severely impact the health, economy, and development of the region including the Turks and Caicos Islands.


For the past 12 years the overall theme of Caribbean Wellness Day was “Love that body.”  This year the overall theme was changed following consultation with key partners with the view to include the society as a whole. Therefore, the new overall theme for Caribbean Wellness Day is now ‘Power Through Collective Action” with the special theme for this year being “Stronger together.”


Hon. Edwin Astwood, Minister of Health Agriculture, Sports and Human Services stated that “While my Ministry is focused on preventative measures to help encourage everyone to make healthier lifestyle choices we need persons to become more serious about making healthy lifestyle changes.”


We invite the general public to join us in the activities slated. The activities are as follows:


Commencing on the 14th – 18th September 2020, to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors are:


14th September – Mental Health Monday take deep conscious breaths today to reduce stress and listen out for the Health Matters Radio Show Live on RTC which will be dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. Tips on how to reduce stress can be found on our Facebook page

15th September – Take a Fruit to Work/School Day Tuesday, we invite you to post your fruit and tag our Facebook page. At 6pm we invite you to join us for a live healthy cooking session with Chef Nick on facebook live

16th September – Drink Water Wednesday, post your pictures, we want you to show off how much water you drink in a day. Take a picture with your water bottle and tag our Facebook page

17th September –  join us for our Facebook live aerobics session with Ryesha Higgs from Graceway Sport Centre (Fitness) Thursday

18th September – Know your numbers Friday-  we encourage persons get their blood sugar and blood pressure tested.


Director of the Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit, Aldora Robinson stated that “We need to pay more attention to the foods that are so easily accessible for example the easy availability of high fat, salt and sugar in food; the heavy advertising of junk food to our children; and very high levels of screen time, watching television and playing games, we must work harder to change these practices as they all contribute to our overall health and wellbeing mentally, physically and spiritually. Let us all make healthier choices in what we eat and drink and let’s get more physically active. Together we can because we are stronger together.”


Let us also remember that chronic illnesses which may be influenced by our lifestyles such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, obesity, cancers and kidney failure can result in poor health outcomes if persons become infected with Covid-19. Practicing healthy habits plays an important role in preventing and controlling chronic non communicable diseases. Proper hygiene is also critical to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19. Call the health hotlines on 2329444or 33309 if you have symptoms of Covid-19 19 or have been in close contact with someone who is known to have Covid-19.




Ministry of Health approves two private facilities to conduct testing for Covid-19



Press release


Ministry of Health approves two private facilities to conduct testing for Covid-19


Monday, 7th September 2020, in accordance with the Public and Environmental Health (Testing of Covid-19) Regulations 2020 (Legal Notice 35 Of 2020), two private facilities were approved to commence testing for Covid-19.


These represent the first facilities which have received such approval from the Ministry of Health as required by the Testing of Covid-19 Regulations which outlines the application process and requirements for those facilities wishing to undertake testing either locally or through the referral of samples overseas to accredited laboratories for testing. An application process was undertaken in which interested facilities were required to submit documentation outlining standard operating procedures to conduct testing, collect samples, safety procedures, proper disposal of waste, protocols, details of staff training, particulars of equipment to be utilised as well the of submission of other relevant supporting documentation which had to meet required standards.


Approval was granted on the basis that only RT PCR testing can be carried out and that only asymptomatic individuals i.e. persons who do not have symptoms or signs consistent with Covid-19, can be tested. This does not include testing individuals identified through contact tracing. Other conditions for the approval were also stipulated in writing which included reporting requirements to the Ministry of Health as Covid-19 is a notifiable disease and the management of the Covid-19 pandemic is a Public Health responsibility.


The general public is reminded to adhere to the health guidelines to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 including:

  1. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  2. Using hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available
  3. Covering your cough/sneeze with your elbow or a tissue and properly dispose of it
  4. Wear face coverings in public
  5. Practice social distancing of 6 feet
  6. Staying home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and call the health hotlines on 232 9444 or 333 0911
  7. Avoid crowded settings
  8. Avoid non-essential travel including local, regional and international travel
  9. Cooperate fully with contact tracing teams if you are contacted
  10. If you are placed in quarantine, remain at home for the prescribed time
  11. Do not discriminate against persons suspected of having Covid-19, anyone can be affected
  12. Stay informed-visit the Ministry of Health website for up to date information on








Telephone: 649-338-3518   Telefax: 649-946-2751


Tuesday, September 08, 2020 





RE: Water Bills


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Utilities & Transportation in collaboration the Water Undertaking Unit, would like to advise the residents of Grand Turk residing in North Back salina that water bills are available for pickup at the main office located on South Base.


We would like to remind customers to supply us with a reliable email address for forwarding of monthly bills. Water Undertaking thank you for your continuous cooperation and support.



Equipment failure at RO Plant Grand Turk





Telephone: 649-338-3518   Telefax: 649-946-2751






RE: Equipment failure at RO Plant Grand Turk


Further to the Public Notice of August 17th 2020 from the Department of Water Undertaking, within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Utilities & Transportation, advising the residents of Grand Turk that some districts would be experiencing temporary water loss and low water pressure due to equipment failure at the water production plant, the Department would like to inform that this issue remains, and some residents continue to experience low water pressure or complete water loss.


The Department has sought to replace the failed equipment, however, due to circumstances beyond our control, the shipment of the part was delayed due to unfavourable weather in the United States. Shipment is once again on schedule and we anticipate repairs being completed within the next two weeks.


Water Undertaking apologizes for the inconvenience caused and thank you, our valued customers for your patience and understanding, while we seek to have this matter rectified.



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