The Ministry of Health wishes to notify the general public that a new portal has been launched whereby persons who wish to undertake essential travel between the islands can apply. The portal was developed by the Computer Information and Technology Unit and will consist of a more user-friendly mechanism for persons to apply. The new portal is located on the Ministry of Health’s website and the portal can be located on the following link; will go live today 16th September 2020. Persons wishing to travel for essential purposes should apply using the link and they will be guided through a series of fields to complete. Existing applications will still be processed, however the general public is advised to commence using the new portal.

  1. Please note that persons will be required to apply within 48 hours of their intended date of travel.
  2. Applications will need to be submitted by each person in a group wishing to travel.
  3. A unique ID will be issued for each person.
  4. Approval will only be provided for the dates of travel specified.
  5. Persons should only apply to travel if absolutely essential. Applications for non-essential travel will be denied.
  6. Approval for travel by construction workers effective 15th September 2020 is considered essential travel under the following terms; “Travel by construction workers for construction project work, with the written approval of the Permanent Secretary, Infrastructure following approval of the Chief Medical Officer shall be considered essential travel:   Provided that measures as may be approved by the Ministry are put in place”. Evidence of   written approval from Ministry of Infrastructure should be uploaded to the portal for review with any applications for travel.
  7. Electronic approvals should be presented at the time of travel.

For up to date information on Covid-19, please visit the Ministry of Health’s.