The Ministry of Health would like to remind the general public that only essential travel is permitted between the islands. This is in response to the outbreak of Covid-19 which is currently being experienced by the TCI. The public is reminded that persons should not travel between the islands unless it is absolutely essential. This is to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 between the islands.

Persons are only permitted to travel for the following reasons in accordance with Turks And Caicos Islands Public And Environmental Health (Covid-19)(Control Measures)(Amendment) Regulations 2020(Legal Notice 83 Of 2020);

“essential travel” means—

  • travel for the purpose of banking, businesses under regulation 4(3)(p) any water, electricity, telecommunications (including internet services) or other sector encompassing the provision of electronic communications including print and electronic media.

  • doctor and hospital visits, funeral, international travel or continuing one’s journey to an island of destination upon arrival in the Islands, emergencies and cargo; and
  • travel by—
    • Government officials carrying out critical functions on behalf of the government, at the discretion of and with the written approval of the Deputy Governor’s Office;
    • members of the Police, Prison (including prisoners), TCI Regiment or visiting Armed Forces traveling on named duty-linked to law and order or wider National Security matters, including disaster preparedness or management, at the discretion of and with written approval of the Commissioner of Police, Superintendent of Prison or Governor (military/regiment), as the case may be;
    • members of the House of Assembly in order to visit their respective constituencies;
    • Magistrates and Judges to preside or sit in Court;
    • Attorneys to attend Court or visit a client, if necessary;
    • construction workers for construction project work, with the written approval of the Permanent Secretary, Infrastructure following approval of the Chief Medical Officer provided that they put in place such measures as may be approved by the Ministry”.

Applications should be submitted within 48 hours of travel. Application forms should be completed clearly for review and must indicate that the purpose of travel is essential, otherwise they will not be approved.

Local travel authorization forms can be located on the MOH website; and completed forms should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..