• To surpass our revenue for the previous financial year
  • Fully computerized the post office
  • To expand existing services and implement new ones
  • Embark on a promotion and marketing drive of the postal and Philatelic office and services that we offer
  • Create a postal code for the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • To get much needed equipment Example, a  Bar code machine and software for the express service
  • Ultimate goal is to have a modern 21st century Postal and Bureau Service which is envied by other postal services

 The New Projects for the Fiscal Year

(1)                To install 500 mail boxes on Providenciales in the business area of Grace Bay: All the mail boxes are currently located at the Post Office. I am about to embark on the novel idea of placing these new mail boxes in what is regard as the business center of Providenciales. On completion of the installment, they should realize approximately $100, 000 (200x500), in rental fees annually. I am confident that this would be a fiscally prudent investment as there are demands for mail boxes in Providenciales which we are not able to meet due to a shortage of mail boxes and there is certainly a long waiting list. The fee is inclusive of delivery cost as we will have to deliver the mail to these boxes in a timely and efficient manner. In addition we will be taking our services to the customers instead of waiting on them to come to us. Once this first phase is successfully completed there will be a follow up second phase from the next financial year. The mail boxes in the second phase would be installed at other strategic locations. This will help to cut down on the volume of mail in general delivery and increase revenue.

(2)                Safe mail/mail holding service: If customers are leaving the Islands temporary. They can make arrangements for anyone to someone to pick up their mail and parcels. The TCI Postal and Bureau Services will be able to accommodate customers.

Safe mail service can be provided for up to three months at a time at any of the Post Offices on the Islands. With safe mail the customer post box is cleared at regular intervals by post office staff and the mail would be held for safe keeping until return. Under the current regulations the Post Master has the authority to return uncollected or unclaimed mail to after three months.

The Fees

Up to two weeks the charge would be $6.00

Up to four weeks                            $10.00

Up to eight weeks                           $20.00

Up to 12 weeks                               $36.00

If the service is need for a longer period, it can be requested again. This service will help to alleviate problems of mail piling up in post boxes or uncollected mail having to be returned to sender.

(3)                Redirection of Mail: When a customer moves, whether between the Islands or outside of the TCI, whether for a short time or long term. They can use the Postal and Philatelic Services to ensure that their mail follows them. They can choose to redirect their mail for one month up to two years. This can be done anywhere in the world.

Key Features and Pricing

Prices start at $15.00 for one month, $35.00 for three months $65.00 for one year and $130.00 for two years.

Quick Time Set Up

Parcels and EMS items will not be redirected (This will entail extra cost and shipping expense and it may not be attractive to customers), these will be returned to sender. However they can be delivered to a third party on Island with written authorization to collect.

(4)                Place mail boxes at each hotel: Tourist will be able post their cards and letter which we will pick up daily. The hotels usually purchase stamps which the tourist in purchase from the hotels. This will prevent the tourist traveling all the way Down Town to the post office to post their letters.

(5)                Expand into non-traditional services: This will entail making the Postal and Philatelic Bureau a one stop shop.

Services which can be offered are photo copying – Customer coming in to purchase stamps to process work permits and police record etc, can have their documents copied at the same time.

US Postal Money Orders


Boxes for Parcels & Tapes

(6)                 Franking Machine: Increase the annual license fees for the franking machine and endear to get more banks to purchase it. The bans usually purchase the machines and the post office then program the machines to a certain amount of postage. The banks make payments according to the amount it programmed in the machines. When this amount is used up they are reprogrammed. The banks also pay a license fee to the post office of $100 annually. However not all the banks use these machines. My goal is to ensure all the banks use these machines. It is more convenient and the banks would not have to purchase the actual stamps.

(7)                Expansion of the express mail service (EMS): This would entail advertising to attract more users of this service. Also an upgrade of the system to include tracking and tracing. This would also instill confidence in the EMS service.

(8)                Implementing Priority mail service: This would be done in conjunction with the US Postal Services. This service will only be available to the USA (If it fits it ships). The US Postal service would provide the envelopes and boxes and profits will be split between both postal services. Talks were already held with the US Postal service on this issue but no final decision was made.

(9)                A youth Philatelic Bureau Program: This will entails setting  up Philatelic Bureau clubs in the schools to get then interesting in stamp collection. This will help to increase children’s awareness of stamp collecting for fun and educational hobby and hopefully they may go on to be stamp collectors .

(10)            Expand standing order customer/deposit account: Prepaid standing order ensures that stamps are received regularly whenever new stamps are issued. A minimum deposit of $50.00 is required and should be replenish when the amount is exhausted 

(11)            Stamp Exhibition: A one week stamp exhibition would be held in October this year (2012). Old stamps would be decorated, framed etc and put on display, which would be sold during the exhibition. At the same time the opportunity would be use to bring awareness to the new services we plan to bring on stream while ensuring that customers continue to use existing services as we make efforts to widen our customer base and keep existing customers.

(12)            Website: This will help us to promote our services on line, display different stamp issues for stamp collectors posting postal rates and the variety of services offered. It is make the Postal and Bureau more visible as we try to compete offering a tradition service in a face changing business and market environment which enhanced by technology.

(13)            Advertisement: Run a series of advertisement on television and in the print media (newspapers) promoting our services.


Key Challenges and Proposals

(1)        Internet, emails, fax and social networking. With the internet effectively reducing the world to a global village/neighborhood. There is never an easy way to combat this global phenomenon.  Since the Postal Sand Bureau services offers a traditional mean of communication/messaging in a ever changing world. We also need to revolutionize the way business is done by offering non-traditional services where we can and by using the internet as a means of communication to compete and promote our products and services.

The Postal and Bureau service still have an advantage in that while instantaneous messaging is the order of the day. Many in the world of business and ordinary life still crave original document for verification purposes. Therefore if we ensure that our services are efficient, reliable and speedy as possible.

The time may have arrived when we may have to encourage businesses and persons making large orders to do so online and we deliver probably at cost in order to capitalize on the use of the internet as the mode or medium which business is being done. This should be looked into in the near future.

(2)        Other Courier services-DHL, Federal Express, UPS and IBC etc have posed challenges to the post office and have eroded our customer base over time. However we are able to compete by offering reasonable prices and in many cases better service for less. We can continue to overcome these challenges by renewing our customer service and outreach efforts to attract new customers and to offer other unique services.

By virtue of the Post Office (exclusive Privilege) Ordinance 1988 section 4, Federal Express is required to pay the Post Office $2,500 annually. It has not paid this fee for many years and recent efforts to collect the outstanding fees owed were not successful. Other courier services do not pay this annual fee because they were not mentioned in the ordinance. I have recommended in the past and I am recommending again that the Ordinance be amended to include all other existing courier services. I am also recommending that the fee be increased from $2,500 to $5, 000 annually.

This is a very competitive world, with the raising of the annual fee the courier services will have to increase their fees for services while the Postal and Bureau Services will be able to offer better prices, thus competing better in the market place. We should use all advantage at our disposal to further our cause.

(3) Staff Training- The goals of the Postal and Philatelic Bureau can only be achieve through a highly trained and motivated staff, focused on customer service excellence. Therefore adequate training tailor specifically to the needs of the Postal and Bureau services must be made available to all members of staff. A highly trained staff will increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction, which will go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals for the fiscal year.

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