Payment Process and Printing of Cheques

The public is hereby advised that effective December 1, 2017 the Treasury will be reverting to its normal schedule of printing cheques on Wednesdays only.  Cheques printed on Wednesday will therefore be available for collection on the subsequent days as indicated below:

  • Grand Turk – Thursday

  • Providenciales – Friday

  • South Caicos - Friday

  • North & Middle Caicos - Friday

The public is reminded that when enquiring about payments, contact must be made with the Ministry/Department at which the services/goods were contracted.  The Treasury is to be contacted only when the cheque has been printed.  As usual, the contracting Ministry/Department will be able to advise when this has been done.


Please note that payments may only be made/cheques printed when all the relevant documents have been entered by the contracting Ministry/Department and approved by the relevant personnel.  Because there has been lack of adherence to the approval process, new measures were introduced at the beginning of this financial year to ensure compliance.  To this end, the Treasury checks to make sure that all the requirements have been satisfied.  If there is non-compliance, Treasury will not approve the expenditure and the contracting Ministry/Department is advised of the reason for the non-approval.  Where the required adjustments have not been made the payment will not be approved for processing.


Please be guided accordingly.



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