Hon. Sean Rickard Astwood
 Ms. Clara  Gardiner

Student Visa

Requirements to Obtain a Turks and Caicos Student Visa

  1. Application Form (Fully Completed)
  2. 2 Photos (must be Certified by a Justice of the Peace)
  3. A Current Police Record from Country of Origin (must be translated if not in English)
  4. Acceptance Letter from a College or School within the Islands
  5. Original Financial Reference Letter from a recognized Banking Institution from their Country or Globally.
  6. Applicant's Passport (must be Valid Six Months prior to Expiration Date)
  7. Copy of Surety's Identification (must be Certified)
  8. Covering Letter from Surety Applying for a Visa on behalf of the Applicant
  9. Name and Address of Renter to be provided on Application
  10. An Original Medical Certificate
  11. Administrative Fee ($100 Non-Refundable)
  12. Upon Approval an Additional Payment ($300.00)

NB: Any person submitting a visa application who does not meet the above requirements, his/her application shall not be process.

Student Visa Requirements

A student visa may be issued on the following principles and requirements; any student in making an application for a Turks and Caicos visa shall firstly submit their acceptance letter from a college or a school within the islands, that student should show that they are financial secure to maintain themselves during their tenure while studying and this shall take the form of a financial letter from a recognizable banking institution in their country or globally, they must have already secured accommodation in advance and the contact details of the renter to be provided, a clean police record, medical certificate, lastly any student who is granted a student visa they shall not be able to transition to a work permit.