Hon. Sean Rickard Astwood
 Ms. Clara  Gardiner

File a Labour Dispute

If an employer or employee wants to report a dispute to Labour Administration, this is the process to follow:

  1. Meet with a Labour Inspector to report a dispute - this meeting can happen in person or via phone - an appointment may be necessary.
  2. At such a meeting the Labour Inspector will need to complete paperwork - bring any documentation you may have. 
  3. The Labour Inspector will have 21 days to help you and your partner agree on a resolution to your dispute. 
  4. If after 21 days you have not agreed on how to resolve the dispute the Commissioner of Labour will have seven days to help you reach agreement.
  5. If you are still not able to resolve the dispute the Commissioner will have the matter referred to the Labour Tribunal.

NOTE: The first report of an employment dispute should be made to a Labour Inspector.