Hon. Sean Rickard Astwood
 Ms. Clara  Gardiner

Minister’s Message

In this era of increased globalization, national security challenges and a global economic decline that has had a significant negative impact on our country’s economy, and in particular, on employment in our Islands, we are ever mindful of our obligation to provide a first class service to our public in a manner that strengthens our economy and fortifies the integrity our borders.

Over the last recent years, the men and women in this Ministry and the Departments and Agencies which it oversees, have made great strides in reorganizing our structures and implementing new procedures and protocols that would provide a seamless non bureaucratic way of delivering services to our public, recognizing as we must, that given our size and our demographics; given our economic model, which is based on tourism and financial services an given the skill sets demanded by Government and our private sector partners, Immigration and Labor are the lynchpins of our economic model, and that there can be no economic development; no economic expansion and no prosperity without a clear, consistent and fair-minded policy on immigration and labor matters.

There is still much more work to be done, and we intent, in this year, to build on these successes, by further fine tuning the services we provide, through the promulgation of a new legislation framework that will enable us to be on the cutting edge and provide the quality of serve our public demands.

I subscribe to our Mission Statement, and will do everything that I can to ensure that our team members have the tools (be they a modern legislative platform, skills, training and know how or technology), that will enable our Ministry to carefully administer every aspect of our mission, so that businesses, citizens and migrants alike could hold in high regard the privileges and advantages of their continued lawful presence in these Islands.

This year will usher in a radical changes to the manner in which we do business in the Ministry of Boarder Control and Employment, I invite the public we serve to play a positive role in this new change, which will truly attest to our claim that our Turks and Caicos Islands are open for business and for the success we strive.


Yours Truly,

Hon. Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, MP, JP
Minister for Border Control and Employment