Volunteer with DDME

Volunteer with DDME

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in volunteering.

Nearly 1 billion people around the world choose to be volunteers, delivering services to vulnerable people with no expectation of financial or material gain. When an emergency strikes, they support the Emergency Operations and aligns to the National Disaster Management Structure. They perform first aid, rescue people from collapsed buildings, drive ambulances, brave flood waters, coordinate clean up campaigns, relief distribution and provide comfort to those in need and much more. Volunteers boost community resilience and extend the reach of governments.

Recognizing the crucial role that volunteers play at all stages of Disaster Management Cycle highlights the need to incorporate volunteers into the DDME, National Disaster Subcommittees and the respective Island Disaster Committees operations. As long as there are emergencies and disasters, there will always be a need for volunteers. 

At the DDME, our Disaster Management volunteers are best known for helping people during a disaster - they might greet people at emergency evacuation shelters, or go door to door in communities following a hurricane or disaster event to check how people are coping, or conduct damage assessments and other services that helps people before, during and after an emergency event.  Our volunteers are also essential in helping communities prepare for emergencies, by sharing information, supporting public outreach activities and continuous preparedness advocating and training. 


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering expands your skills and experience, increases your employability and is a way to stay active and engaged with the community. It's also a way for you to give back to the community and help people who need a hand before, during and after disasters. Register to Volunteer today !


What is DDME’s Volunteer Programme?

The Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies Volunteer Programme (DDME-VP) seeks to bring under one (1) umbrella, volunteers from various institutions across the island to render service in the pre and post-impact phases of a disaster. The mission of the programme is to strengthen the response mechanisms and build the capacity of volunteers, towards enhancing the preparedness, response and recovery efforts through the education and training at the community levels throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Who is a DDME Volunteer?

A DDME Volunteer is an individual that possesses skills-sets that include but are not limited to DRM, who is willing, able and available without monetary contributions, to contribute to the development of a resilient nation and community by giving their time, knowledge and skills.

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Purpose & Objectives 

The purpose of the DDME’s Volunteer Programme is to identify and empower, competent and committed individuals who exhibit genuine interest and willingness to assist in emergency situations.  Such individuals once identified and the requisite agreements signed will support the existing National Disaster Management Organisations. 


The objective of the DDME’s Volunteer Programme is to:

  • Support the local community/parish mechanism in response and recovery during and after emergencies.
  • Provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to volunteerism in the field of Disaster Risk Management (DRM).
  • Assist with the preparedness and mitigation, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts


The DDME Volunteer Engagement Process


Am I Eligible to Become a Volunteer?

  • Persons 16yrs (written consent from parent/guardian is required), 18yrs and older.
  • Persons with valid National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) and National Insurance Board (NIB) Card.
  • Persons with high respect for humanity and the environment.
  • Persons with high levels of integrity and professionalism
  • Cooperative and willing work with others towards achieving a common goal
  • Willing to lend service without prejudice
  • Able to maintain composure in challenging and complex situations


Advantages of Becoming a Volunteer

  • Building relationships
  • Learning or developing skills
  • Sharing your skills and expertise
  • Obtaining professional experience
  • Contributing to national service and national development
  • Making a difference in the lives of fellow citizens


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